Newborn FAQ's

When you are pregnant or as soon as you know you would like to book in with me as I take limited sessions per month. 

The ideal age to photograph newborns is when they are less than two weeks old, range between 7-10 days. This is when babies are sleepiest, flexible and easy to settle to photograph. After two weeks, their arms and legs will stretch out more and they will be more awake.

It’s still possible to conduct a newborn-style session after this age (up to about the age of five or six weeks) however you will need to appreciate that it becomes more difficult to re-position babies without waking them if they become unsettled.

Parents and siblings are welcome to attend. Please see newborn packages as well if it includes in the package.

The actual length of time depends on how settled your baby is on the day. Ample time will be given to feed, change and comfort your baby. Normally around 1-3hrs.

No. All Newborn Photography Sessions are scheduled in my cosy natural light studio in Gladstone Park and designed for the complete comfort for your family. I like to photograph between 9am-3pm when baby are sleepiest and natural studio light is at its best.

We keep our studio VERY warm, between 30- 32 c. This is one of many techniques we use to keep your baby cozy and sleeping.

Dress your bub in something that is easy to remove (and that doesn’t go over their head, no singlet and a warm little onesie is perfect).

We try and keep your baby asleep after your car ride. A removable car seat will be your saviour for this.

Give your bub a big feed prior to the session. They will also need a couple of top up feeds from the warmth and stimulation of the studio.

The most important thing you can do is relax.

If your baby is unsettled for a considerable amount of time, it should still be possible to capture a number of lovely images with baby resting in parent’s arms, wrapped or even feeding.

There is plenty of time allocated to these sessions to allow for whatever measures are required to settle your baby so no-one feels anxious or rushed.

This is completely normal and expected. Please sit back, relax, and let us handle everything.

Simple is best. White or black clothes. We photograph newborns wearing nothing at all or with minimal clothing. If you have special outfits you would like your newborn to wear, we are happy to accommodate, but keep in mind that numerous clothing changes can be disruptive to newborns.

Bring plenty of snacks for yourself as the session is 1-3 hours long, baby essential-plenty of nappies, wipes, spare clothes, and wraps. B, pump if your expressing. Bring some formula if needed (one bottle is simply not enough) and a dummy to help settle bub if you are comfortable.

No need to bring any props as we have a wide range of fabrics and materials (as seen in my portfolio) that can be used and I will make suggestions as to what works best with your baby. All my fabrics are natural, no synthetic fibres are used that will irritate soft baby skin.

PLEASE DO! We love for you to bring any unique props – letters, clothing, baseball glove, stuffed animals, etc. It will make your pictures much more personal. We will work your props into the sets when possible and let you know if something will not work.

We love to work with natural, light and earthy tones, without an overuse of props, giving your newborn photoshoot a natural timeless look.

We also like to keep images with more focus on your baby rather than the prop. We combine a mixture of posed and unposed standard portraiture and lifestyle to achieve a fresh and natural organic look. We do not use any unsafe or forced poses with newborn babies.

We can try our best for certain poses and sets, but ultimately your baby is in control of the session and Trang likes to try her best to make each session unique.

We always begin with a set of ideas, but quite often we have to be flexible depending on your baby’s sleep habits, feeding schedule and personality. As well, not all newborns are “mouldable” for certain positions based on weight, age, flexibility, and body structure. As for props, we are constantly switching out props and adding new ones to keep sessions unique, fresh, and new.

There will be a sneak peak image on facebook that has been chosen by me. Your gallery will be available within 2 to 3 weeks from the date of your session. Gallery expires after 2 weeks.

We use a colour calibrated digital workflow and liaise closely with a professional printing company to ensure your prints are of the finest quality.

To buy prints you can simply log into your private online gallery and click on the cart for each photo you would like to be printed. It will then guide you through the print process where you can choose the print size.

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